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dalyan boat tour , especially dalyanfor the first time in arrivals recommend. because with this type of dalyanwhere we can visit, you can find the answer to the question. short program: kaunos the ancient city. iztuzu beach, mud bath and a brief tour of the lake.
explore the natural beauty of your region and preferred for a holiday if you want to live an adrenaline-filled day, this tour is for you.
according to legend, the twin children of miletos king kaunos and byblos with each other, they fall in love. this forbidden love between the children who miletos, kaunos, the son of the country from fires. dalyan kaunos and establishes a city by his own name comes to the area to settle. over time the city becomes one of the most important ports in the ancient world.
we have always considered as a part of our culture we turks bath. they did this activity today europeans for thousands of years under the name of the detox that we know, and as we apply one of the best ways to feel good.
monday the day on the boat koycegiz, we are going to market. people living in surrounding villages sell their produce at the food. in turn, swim in the lake and sultaniye hot springs is visited.
consisting of a long sandy beach that stretches where it meets the mediterranean, dalyan, iztuzu beach, caretta caretta sea turtles in the world the protection of the eggs of the few places in the area.
those who believe in the power of the mud , dry skin, irritated in the mud, they argue that large changes lead to te skin very useful. claimed to have curative effects against wrinkles regularly maintained while it is in the skin of mud therapy, thermal spring water, rheumatism, and sciatica they say is good for stomach problems.
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